Keenfox Studios

Keenfox Studios is a team of students of the S4G School for Games in Berlin .


The team was founded on the 31th October 2016 and has been working on Vei ever since.


We sought additional help for music, PR & marketing from outside the School for Games.


On March 3rd the work on the students project is officially over. But we hope to find a partner to continue to work on the game.

Deivid Dragomirovic

Game Design, Level Design Programming

Constantin Copony

3D Character & Environment

Textures & Art Direction

Karlotta Reiter

Creature Design, Concept Art

& Texturing

Robert Erik Auls

Product Owner

Benjamin Krause

Game Design & Documentation


Lukas Heim

Animations, Special Effects

& Concept Art

Miranda Tung

3D Character, Animation

& Texturing


Philip Dziubalski

SCRUM Master

Music & Sound

Linus Hohage


Andreas Paul

3D Environment, Special Effects

Animations & Texturing

Dennis Bölke

3D Environment

Sandy Kramer

PR & Marketing

Nikolai Douglas

Composition & Sound Design

Special Credits

Lisa Frommert - Texturing

Kevin G. Agwaze - Programming

Norbert Haacks - School for Games Project Lead & Stakeholder